Movie review: Manitou’s Shoe (Der Schuh des Manitu) (2001)

An Indian and his white blood brother seek a hidden treasure in order to buy their way out of trouble.

Manitou’s Shoe seeks to be to westerns what Airplane! was to disaster movies, but it ends up not even being what Spy Hard was to spy movies. The film’s only redeeming feature, aside from maybe two or three decent gags out of hundreds, is not giving a flip about the political correctness of oversensitive Americans, probably because they knew no American would ever see it. Except for, alas, me.

I did learn something due watching it, though. A couple of online acquaintances pointed out that its inspiration was a series of West German western films based on the Winnetou novels of Karl May (who appears as a character at the end of the movie for about two seconds). I caught the references to American and Italian westerns, but had no idea there was even such a thing as West German westerns. Apparently, their success led to the Italians getting in on the western game with a big change–the West German westerns were family friendly, and Italian westerns were quite often not (to put it mildly).

I like learning new things, so I guess the experience wasn’t a total loss. No need for you to repeat it, though.