My name is Trent. My primary site is The Violent World of Parker, which started out as a website devoted to the Parker novels of Richard Stark, AKA Donald E. Westlake. While Parker, a professional thief who appeared in a series of 24 volumes, and other things related to Donald Westlake remain the primary focus of that site, the blog portion section gradually expanded to encompass asides on other crime fiction and film.

Then I started to read some horror titles, and wanted to scribble some notes about them. I also made a resolution to read 365 short stories in 2018, and thought I might like to write some about that project as well [Update: That didn’t go so well.]. I had already stretched VWOP about as far as it could go without my readers going, “C’mon, man,” so I decided to launch this side blog.

Here I’ll write about books, movies, and music that it would make no sense to write about over at VWOP. It will be much less formal than that site, and in most cases the reviews will be less detailed–sometimes maybe just a few sentences. I really don’t expect a lot of people to read it–this is mostly for my own amusement and partially to serve as a jogger for my poor memory (“Did I see that movie? Oh, yeah, I did!”)–but I thought it might be fun to make it public in case anyone wants to read and maybe even comment.

Crime stuff will still go up at VWOP, but I’ll post here to let people know when reviews are posted there.

Thanks for dropping by!