Movie review: The Color out of Space (2019)


color_out_of_spaceThe Gardners are a somewhat eccentric but likable American family who have left city life and moved out to a farm to raise alpacas (the animal of the future!). A meteor strikes their property, accompanied by an indescribable color. Strangeness commences.

A gripping tale of the devolution of a close-knit family, made more horrifying because the film is quite effective at character development–I cared about this quirky bunch, and didn’t want awful things to happen to them.

What may be most impressive about Color out of Space is that it could have gone off the rails about a dozen times (Nicolas Cage? Alpacas?) and never does. A minor triumph, and a treat for H.P. Lovecraft fans, who know all too well that a good film adaptation of the horror master’s work is a rare thing.